More evidence in favor of deck, not doc

You’ve heard it from me before, and you’ll hear it again: Do the all the important thinking behind your business plan, but create a 15 slide deck instead of a 40+ page term-paper style document. Here are two more data points:

1. Sequoia Capital is the venture capital firm that backed Google, Yahoo, YouTube, eHarmony, LinkedIn, and PayPal, among many other winners. On their site, they offer the following advice: “We like business plans that present a lot of information in as few words as possible … 15-20 slides … is all that’s needed.”

2. New York Angels is one of the leading groups of angel investors in the U.S. They’ve invested over $20 million in 65 early-stage, New York-area technology and new media companies. On their site, you’ll see the following suggestions about the format of business plans: “Slideshows with under 20 slides are generally most effective … Use the limited time you have for your presentation to emphasize the compelling factors about your investment opportunity and save unnecessary technology details for future meetings…”

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