Pre-launch coaching special

We’re hard at work building you a ground-breaking site on entrepreneurship. In the meantime, we’re offering a 20% discount on our most popular remote coaching packages. Get one of our expert coaches in your corner today, and spread the word to fellow entrepreneurs.

  • GET UNSTUCK. Every founder gets mired in startup quicksand once in a while. A fresh perspective from an expert coach will get you back on track. Use this flexible coaching package any way you want. Get advice on strategy, business planning, bootstrapping, raising capital, partnering, or online marketing, for example. Two hours of coaching. $399 $319.
  • INTRO TO BUSINESS PLANNING. Before you start developing a business plan, make sure you’re following the right approach. We literally wrote the book on business planning: Hit the Deck: Create a business plan in half the time, with twice the impact. We’ll show you which materials you need—and which are a waste of your time. We’ll provide samples, and we’ll walk you through each of the 15 topics you’ll need to analyze and communicate. Two hours of coaching. $399 $319.
  • IDEA ASSESSMENT. Got an idea for a startup? Before you put your time, money and reputation at risk, get an objective reality check. First, we’ll help you evaluate the viability of your idea, considering factors such as your business model, the size of the opportunity, and market needs. Then, we’ll help you assess the fit between the idea and your goals, interests, and resources—since a good idea for one person may not be a good idea for another. Two hours of coaching. $399 $319.
  • POWERPOINT PITCH. The best way to present your business plan to investors, advisors and potential stakeholders is with a 15 slide, 20 minute pitch. Once you’ve thought through each element of your plan, and completed your financial projections, we’ll turn them into a clear, compelling Powerpoint presentation, with graphs, charts and images. Five hours of coaching. $999. $799.

To purchase a coaching package, contact david @ upstartadvisors .com.


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