Startup Diary: Entry 4. I think I’m gonna need a bigger boat.

About two months ago, the thought hit me like a frying pan over the head: I needed a partner to help me build and run my school for startups. At the time, I was managing six freelancers, each in a different state. I was bootstrapping, so I had taken a pass on the expensive project managers, and I was running everything myself.

But tasks were slipping through the cracks. There were just too many details, many of which were outside of my primary areas of expertise. What I needed was a Mr. / Mrs. Inside to my Mr. Outside. Someone to run product development and operations. Someone who had done it before, and done it well.

Deciding you need a partner is of course only part of the challenge. Next you have to find someone with the right stuff, make sure you are a good fit, negotiate a deal, and learn to work together well. Over the next few posts, I’ll explore each of those issues.

Got any tips or stories about partnering? Please chime in.

2 Responses to Startup Diary: Entry 4. I think I’m gonna need a bigger boat.

  1. Mark says:

    I would say my biggest tip when choosing a partner is the following: Never get another you.

    I fell in to the trap of finding like minded people with similar skillsets to my own and I got left with a huge whole in the picture and nobody to fill it. Bad mistake. I needed to find people who could do the stuff I couldn´t.

    The key is 1+1=3 or more. If your partnership isn´t giving you exponential returns it is eating your business.

  2. Alec says:

    My $0.02 is to leave your pre-conception behind. You never know what you “truly” need until the right solution appears before you. It did for me and it was worthed. Good luck!

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