Startup Diary: Entry 3 (hair on fire)

If I had hair, it would be on fire today. I’m only a few days into my startup, but there’s already so much to do, it’s nearly overwhelming (It’s also exhilarating, and I’m a closet stressmonger. Shhhh).

As an entrepreneur, with or without hair, you’ve got to wear a lot of hats. Today, I drafted the content for an online class, hired a graphic artist to design my book cover, pitched my business to a potential marketing partner, made some changes to my legal entity with my lawyer, and conducted a client coaching session.

But the toughest part about a day in the life as an entrepreneur is the tyranny of choice. There are 100+ things on my to-do list, and nobody to tell me what’s what. So, I’ve got to prioritize up the wazoo. That’s one of the untold secrets of entrepreneurial success: Figure out what to do now, and what NOT to do now (aka ever).


3 Responses to Startup Diary: Entry 3 (hair on fire)

  1. alexboudreau says:

    That’s exactly what I love about starting/running a business. You have to wear many many hats and I’ve learned throughout the years, after living both the Employer and Employee side of things, that this is precisely where my potential lies. I just can’t wait to be 100% dedicated to my next business project.



  2. Holy cow, that is how I feel, I love it, but today I felt like I was spiraling out of control. One thing that I really try to keep in mind and also try to tell anyone that will listen, is to not worry about making things perfect, just get it done, everything can be refined and most things are. Perfection is paralyzing. I also am a big believer in thinking about what help I actually need, and spending some time actually asking for it. Its amazing how effective it is, and how generous people are. Thanks so much for sharing

  3. Mark says:

    I love the blog. I feel like I need something like this to hold on to. As an entrepreneur trying to make it work every day, I can´t wait to see what you have in store.

    Please keep up the good work.

    What has happened since January?

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