Startup Diary: Entry 1

I write a blog about planning and launching businesses. And now I’m planning to launch a new business myself. So, it just seems natural to share my experiences in the blog.

First, a little background.  After a few years of jobs with bosses and paychecks, I set out to become an entrepreneur. My first startup was a social network based on alumni affiliations, launched in 1996 (too early; my bad).  My second startup ran ads and promotions on milk containers. Odd, but it worked out well, despite my lactose intolerance.

In between launching ventures, I did consulting for other startups. I helped Moby, the musician, launch an iced-tea business. I helped the world’s top makeup artist plan a cosmetics business. I worked with Mark Gordon, a big Hollywood producer (Gray’s Anatomy, 2012, Saving Private Ryan), assessing some innovative startup ideas. And I helped athlete and journalist Tiki Barber with some of his sports and philanthropic ventures.

That all worked out well, but I needed to build something.  Also, most entrepreneurs can’t afford consultants, so I wanted to teach them how to plan and launch companies themselves.

That brings me to today. It’s just after New Year’s, 2010. And I’m planning to build an online school for startups.  As I develop my business plan and launch the business, I’ll keep you posted. I’ll be open with you about what’s working and what’s not, and about both the hard facts and the underlying emotions. Along the way, please post comments about anything that comes to mind. It’s too hard and lonely to go this alone – I need your help.


8 Responses to Startup Diary: Entry 1

  1. It’s interesting in what works and what doesn’t regarding start ups from two factors.

    1.) VC mentality today: Software driven / high tech / social network buzz, i.e. twitter and the likes.

    2.) VC limited funding to anything but the above, as it seems most VC’s drive to the same area to have a look.

    Keep me posted in what you’re doing.

    On this side we have Sherwin Williams Paint 3500 stores desiring our product, Kelly Moore Paint 165 Stores, Lancaster Corp. world’s largest paint sundry distributor… all the above we are approved vendors for 2010, but cannot come up with $250k for next round funding.

    I’ll follow you for a while, maybe I’ll learn something….



  2. davidronick says:

    VC’s tend to be very specialized, so look for one that plays in your space. Also, they look for opportunities to make bets on what they perceive to be the early stages of very high growth industries. Finally, only a small percentage of VC’s make investments as small as $250K. Have you looked into angel funding? A resource like could be helpful.

  3. Ajay Goel says:

    Looking forward to more updates on your new venture.

  4. This is an incredible idea and I look forward to hearing more!

  5. You followed me on Twitter, I followed you back and it lead me to your blog here. I sincerely look forward to seeing what you are up to! Good Luck!!

  6. Scotty says:

    Sounds great! And much needed. Funny, my brain immediately imagined a series of online comedy shorts showing the “DOs and DONTs” of entrepreneurship. Looking forward to keeping posted on developments!

  7. Beth Temple says:

    Wow! great stuff David! good luck 🙂

  8. Joe says:

    What a great idea…maybe I’ll learn something…

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