Half-baked startup idea o’the day.

In most cases, a startup idea isn’t worth all that much. The idea itself may generate 5% of the value, while execution accounts for the remaining 95%. So when my plate is full, like it is now, and I come up with an idea, I’d rather share it than forget about it.

Today’s idea isn’t so much of an idea, as a problem: Scheduling meetings. Let’s say you and I want to meet. We’re busy, so we start planning via email. I throw out a few days that work. Then you reply with counter-offers. Then back and forth a few times until we find something that works. Sometimes we have to find a meeting place too, like a spot for lunch or drinks that’s convenient for one or both of us. It’s all pretty inefficient. And while I’m a 98lb tech weakling, it seems like this is a problem that could be solved with technology.

That’s all I’ve got. No clear solution. No business model. No idea how much it will cost to build. To say it’s half-baked would be generous. Then again, you’ve got to start somewhere.

Like the idea? Lemme know. I’ll earn my 5% helping you figure it out. Got an idea of your own? Instead of letting it gather dust, run it by some people for feedback. You never know…

3 Responses to Half-baked startup idea o’the day.

  1. davidronick says:

    From Lara Dalch, http://www.dalchmarketing.com:

    “Saw your post and wanted to let you know that MeetingWizard.com has solved at least half of the problem you mention. It helps identify a meeting time – don’t think it has a location feature though. Would be interesting to integrate it with a Yelp-like service.”

    -Thanks Lara!

  2. davidronick says:

    Just came across this… Could be just the right solution. http://www.tungle.com /

  3. Andrew says:

    Try http://www.timebridge.com/ – it solves the problems you state. Very easy to use too, and doesn’t require the person you are meeting to sign up to use it to arrange a time.


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