4 things you should NOT say to potential investors

  1. “I really don’t want investors meddling in the business.” I heard this beauty from someone who asked me for an introduction to an investor. Needless to say, the conversation stopped there.
  2. “Our financial projections are conservative.” Puhleeese. You’ve got revenue of um, zero, now. And within three years you’ll have $x0,000,000. Sounds very conservative to me.
  3. “I’ll send you my pitch deck.” NOOOOOO. Send a 1 page synopsis. You should present your pitch in person, or at least via web conference.
  4. “Before I tell you the basic idea, I’ll need you to sign an NDA.” If you think your basic idea is the true source of the value you’ll create over the next 3 – 5 years, you’ve got bigger problems. It’s (nearly) all about how well you’ll execute.

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