Caught on film: BootStrapper in the wild

One of my clients just wrote me an email that warmed the cockles of my heart (though it could just be I’ve eaten too much bacon this week).

We worked together to craft a business plan for him on a business to business service . The plan helped him focus his strategy, and develop a roadmap for moving forward. He was torn between whether to bootstrap, or raise capital to grow faster. He pitched to several angel investor groups, and got through three rounds of grilling before hearing those dreaded words:  “We’d like to see some more traction before we commit”.

At that point, it seemed the best choice was to stop spending time trying to raise money, and start spending more time closing sales.  Here’s an email he sent me today:

“The investor thing was not panning out as quickly as I had hoped, but maybe that was a blessing in disguise. (It also took time away from my focus on customers).  I (re-focused), and damn is it rolling now!!!  I’ve signed some GREAT exclusive contracts and all is going great. Moving from 0-60mph right now. The time spent with you was invaluable to my success. The structure and focus you gave to me during our sessions was a catalyst in this next generation of my business endeavor.”

All the credit goes to him (yes you, “Pablo”). You’re a text-book example of how drive, tenacity and resourcefulness lead to success, even with limited capital. You are my bootstrap hero of the week. Kudos.

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