Years shmears

I was just reading the promo materials from a professional services company, and ran smack into a pet peeve. “Our leadership team has over 100 years of combined experience in the business.” Ugh.

Tell me you have 100 happy clients willing to provide referrals.

Tell me 100% of your clients renew their contracts with you.

Tell me you’ve improved client performance by an average of 100%.

But 100 years of experience? First, that makes me think you are old. And in a time of rapid innovation, I want to feel like I’m betting on the future, not a bunch of old codgers. Second, it makes wonder. How many partners are there, anyway? 2 with 50 years of experience? 100 with 1 year of experience? It really doesn’t tell me anything. And third, it makes me skeptical – you’ve only got my attention for a minute. Don’t you something more compelling to say?


2 Responses to Years shmears

  1. Scott says:

    Great post – The “years of combined experienced” has always been one of my all-time top pet peeves. I bet if you kept reading their promo materials, you would discover that they also ‘think outside the box’.

  2. Mike Lewis says:

    I think you’re spot on. I see way too much inflation of credibility through addition. 5 novices don’t have the experience of a seasoned pro no matter how you do the math. IMO.

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