Slide 9: Implementation plan

Slide 9 in your business plan pitch presentation covers your implementation plan. This slide is important for two reasons.

First, it’s a good place to demonstrate how far you’ve come. How much have time and money have you invested? How much progress have you made toward your goals?  If possible, show things such as the following:

  • Market research you’ve conducted
  • Potential employees you’ve lined up
  • Business development partnerships you’ve forged
  • Product development progress
  • Test marketing results
  • Initial customers or members you’ve secured

Keep in mind that you may have follow-up meetings with your audience, and you’ll want to show momentum by having sharing new developments each time. If you’ve got something in the works but it’s not quite a done deal, consider keeping it under wraps to share as you follow up.

Second, use this slide to show that you’ve started thinking through the activities you’ll need to undertake over the next year. After all, investors want to make sure the entrepreneurs aren’t going to cash their check, and then say, “Now what?” 

This isn’t the place to share a detailed operating plan. Instead, keep this very high level, and point out the top priorities for each quarter or year. Give the audience the headlines. You can always provide more details if they ask for them.

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