Slide 5: Product / service offering

Here’s slide 5 in the business plan pitch deck. After stating your strategy, give your audience a brief overview of your product. This is a time to get them excited, so wheel out visuals if you have them.  If you are in the fashion business, for example, show a video of your last fashion show, along with music that will ramp up the energy in the room. If you are building a food or beverage company, let them see and taste the product. 

Warning:  Many entrepreneurs overdo this slide, thinking that their product / service description should take up the lion’s share of their pitch. Of course, investors want to make sure you have a great offering, but at this point, they want to learn more about your business than your product. Give them just the highlights, and let them learn more later.


2 Responses to Slide 5: Product / service offering

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