In praise of the one-pager

Your one page teaser can be one of the most powerful tools in your fundraising aresenal. It’s your ticket to getting in front of potential investors and advisors. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of it:

-Write it after you you’ve developed your pitch deck, so you’ve already got a tight logic flow, and strong supporting arguments.

-Keep it brief. Limit it to one page, with no exceptions. It’s a teaser, so don’t try to cram in everything. Just enough to land the meeting and no more.

Use headers. That makes it easier to read quickly.

-Send it as a PDF, so everyone can open it, and see it the way you designed it.

-Use short sentences. They are easier to read.

-Don’t share anything you don’t want forwarded. You will email this one pager, which makes it easy for recipients to pass along, and you won’t be asking for an NDA, so if you’ve got any secret sauce, save it for your meeting.

-The contents can vary, but I often include the following sections: “My team has the chops to execute”, “The opportunity is attractive”, “Customers are not getting what they need today”, “Our reason for being is Y”, “We have a realistic business model”, “We’ve accomplished 123 so far”, and finally, “We’re raising $X which will let us hit ABC milestones”. 

-Make it persuasive. This is effectively sales collateral.

One Response to In praise of the one-pager

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