We’ve moved on up…

Please follow our new blog here. It’s part of UpStart Bootcamp, an online school for startups. UpStart helps founders build companies faster, with less capital and more flexibility. Our offerings include private coaching, self-directed classes, how-to guides, and books. Visit UpStart today for advice, support, and inspiration.


2 Responses to We’ve moved on up…

  1. Krish Shetty says:


    I have a start-up in knowledge management space, targeting energy industry. Have a strong team of people and domain expertise. Please let me know what you can do.

    Krish Shetty
    Harvard Alum

  2. jolayne says:

    Hello David,

    I just discovered your website thanks to the fact that you have started to follow my urbanpreschool twitter feed… Any chance you have any experience with a start up in Paris France??? I am happy to have found your website as I know it will be very useful to me as I push forward with my plan to urbanpreschool from being just a website to a real living and breathing school – I wish I was in NYC as your workshops seem to be just what I need at this stage.

    Thank You for being online. If you have any ideas on where to find english speaking people like you, here in Paris, I would really appreciate it 🙂


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